X-Form Buckets BK10-60 to BK50-9

X-Form Buckets BK10-60 to BK50-9

X-Form Bucket

Technical Data

Widths 1.85m – 2.75m
(6′ – 9′)
Capacity 0.803 – 5.00m3
(28ft3 – 177ft3)
Wear Edge Heat Treated Boron 500
Plate Steel 5mm X-Form Steel
(High-Strength Low-Alloy)


X-Form Buckets BK10-60 to BK50-9 sizes available

All Telehandler manufacturer brackets ready fitted (Merlo, JCB, Manitou etc etc…)

Our X-Form Professional range of agricultural loader buckets, forks and grabs takes its name from the use of high-strength low-alloy steels, often referred to as ‘ten form’ (hence the X – roman numerals).


This advanced steel has a far greater yield strength and resistance to deformation than would normally be experienced with standard mild steels commonly used within industry. All steels are not equal.


Together with our unique engineering technologies this steel has allowed us to deliver the superior strength of a professional range, whilst offering the best value for money.

Stronger, Lighter, More Durable


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