Concept SFTrip

Concept SFTrip



The SFTRIP rotor strip cultivator is designed specifically for cultivating in rows maintaining the soil structure, preventing soil erosion and protecting the seeds resulting in the best possible germination conditions.

Each segment of the rotor one works the soil interested in the seeding and rooting zone. The front sub soiler lifts and loosens the soil enhancing both the draining and water storage capacity which leads to higher yields. Each segment is enclosed by rotating divides which cut through the ground separating the cultivated row from the non-cultivated row. The row packer roller reconsolidates and compacts the soil ahead of the maize-rapeseed-sunflower-sugar beet sowing.

In one pass it is possible to cover steps all concentrated on the rooting and seeding zone. This can reduce costs per hectare by up to 50% compared to conventional cultivation.

Working width: 3 – 6 metres

Row spacing: 750mm

Row width: 385mm

Sub soiler working depth: up to 500mm

Cultivator working depth: up to 230mm

Power requirement: from 150hp


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